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Top 10 Tips for Happy Tenants…

At Chapmans our tenants happiness, safety and understanding of their responsibilities with regards to their rental are all things we take seriously and care deeply about. So we’ve put together ten quick fire tips to make sure you stay happy, safe and knowledgeable while in rented accomodation.

  1. KNOW YOUR LEASE – take the time to read it carefully and anything you don’t understand…just ask!
  2. MAKE SURE YOUR DEPOSIT IS SAFELY IN A TENANT DEPOSIT SCHEME – It is illegal for it not to be and these schemes have been set up to protect your money.
  3. GO THROUGH YOUR INVENTORY – If something is missing or inaccurate notify the landlord or letting agency otherwise it could be deducted from your deposit
  4. KEEP IT CLEAN! We can all be untidy at times but keeping on top of it will help with a multitude of things, including getting your full deposit back. So simply keeping your rental property clean, heated and ventilated is a top tip from us!
  5. CALL IN THE EXPERTS – Notify as soon as something breaks or needs looked at, this prevent small problems turning into big ones.
  6. GET INSURED!!! – Taking out a specialist Tenant insurance policy can cover you not only for fire, theft and damages to your own personal property but can also provide all important (and often overlooked) cover for any accidental damages that you or your guests may cause to the Landlords property.  Having such cover in place can therefore help protect your deposit.
  7. SWITCH ENERGY COMPANIES TO MAKE SAVINGS – If you’re a tenant and would like to save on your energy bills then, unless your landlord pays the charges, you can change energy supplier. The fact that you don’t own the property you live in does not affect your rights to switch and save!
  8. DON’T STRETCH YOURSELF FINANCIALLY – Make sure you consider all the additional bills when you go for a property – unless specified council tax, a TV licence, gas and electricity, stair cleaning and gardening are not usually included
  9. ON MOVING OUT – DEEP CLEAN! – It is so important and in many cases will be part of your agreement, that you leave the property in a clean, tidy state. Whether you do this yourself or pay a company to do it on your behalf, the rental property should be cleaned appropriately and to a high standard.
  10. IF YOU AREN’T SURE ABOUT SOMETHING…ASK! – Your Letting agent/landlord should be on hand to give you relevant, updated advice and answer any questions or queries you have about your tenancy or the rental property. Our team at Chapmans are here as much for our tenants as we are for our landlords – we want all our tenants to be happy and informed!

If you have any questions for us, please email our team at and we’ll be happy to help!