Tony Stovin

Property Manager

Tony has over two decades of Lettings and Landlord experience managing and running a
portfolio of properties across Edinburgh and the Borders for himself and on behalf of numerous
family members (while running his own business full-time).

This previous experience made him the perfect addition to our family-run business – because he understands efficiency, customer service and how we need to operate to get through our incredibly busy working week. He is extremely knowledgeable about the sector, legislation and regulations, he has multi-tasking down to a fine art and is fantastic with our Tenants, Landlords and Contractors.

Ever the enthusiast for personal development and learning, with a deep-seated passion for property, Tony studied in his own time for no less than two qualifications simultaneously and passed these industry recognised certifications in record time in 2018 (they recommend a year, Tony nailed them with top marks in 4 months!!). These qualifications are: ARLA Level 6 in Property Letting & Management (equivalent of LETWELL accreditation) and the Award in Residential Inventory Management and Practice.


  • Managing the tenant relationship with the aim of marrying the client’s interests and needs with the tenant’s profile and needs
  • Coordinating repairs and maintenance and strategic planning with the Landlord for short, medium and longer-term goals
  • New client engagement
  • Property Inspections and maintenance follow up
  • Check out inspections and deposit negotiations

Tony is enthusiastic, passionate, experienced, logical and good fun – he is a very popular team member with our Tenants, Landlords, Contractors and the Chapmans team itself keeping spirits high when the going gets tough (which is quite often in this industry!).