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Managing your property in your later years or when in care

Moving out of the family home at any time in your life can be an emotional process, with memories in every nook and cranny.  It is even more poignant if you are leaving in your later life or for reasons of care.  While we feel it is better to stay in your own home for as long as it is possible and enjoyable, if and when you decide to leave, Chapmans can make the sale or rental of your home as easy and stress free as possible.

We’ll start by helping you assess your options. If you are moving into sheltered accommodation or care, you don’t necessarily have to sell your home. If you want to keep int in the family, we can let and manage it for you. That way you will retain ownership, protect a valuable asset and generate income. We’ll undertake a rental appraisal to help you evaluate if this is the best route for you financially. If renovation works would increase the rental value, we’ll advise on this too, and arrange them.

letting could be a short term option for you, ensuring your homed does not lie empty, while you decide what to do for the longer term,  However we also offer Void Management, a service that is especially useful for relatives who live at a distance.  We check the empty property, forward post, run all the taps and check for leaks and damage on a fortnightly basis. This can be helpful for insurance purposes.  To find out more about this service has worked for some of clients please see the attached leaflet.

Managing your property when in care

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