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Inventory Clerk Required

Inventory and Check in Clerk

Great opportunity for a part time flexible role with our growing Property Lettings and Management Business with opportunities for additional roles and responsibilities if wanted.

Job description

Prior to tenants moving into a property an Inventory Clerk will collect keys from Chapmans’ office in Roseburn and visit the property concerned and prepare an inclusive report on a tablet/smart phone using Chapmans’ model templates which details comprehensive information relating to its overall condition on a room by room basis, including photographs and meter readings.

Any marks or defects are noted so that the incoming tenant(s) are not held responsible at the end of their tenancy for damage they did not do.

An average inventory takes c 3-5 hours to complete.

The tenants will then sign the Inventory Report providing they believe the contents represent a true reflection of the condition of the property at that time.

An Inventory Clerk will then return the tablet to the office ready for Chapmans to check the tenant in and then Chapmans will upload it and then email it to tenants.

The tenants have 7 days from receipt of the report in which to relay any concerns or queries. The clerk will then amend the report accordingly from their own computer and then lock it to prevent further editing.

At this point the clerk’s fee becomes payable.


Chapmans value integrity, attention to detail and a ‘getting it right first time’ attitude. Therefore the successful applicant will be paid a set fee per inventory and check in. It is therefore to an applicant’s advantage to get the inventory as accurate as possible first time with as few revisions as possible in order to maximise the hourly rate they are paid.

A successful applicant should expect to do c 1-2 inventories and check-ins per month on average – more in busy months.

If the applicant shows all the right qualities there would be opportunities for additional administration and property visiting work as appropriate, including check out inspections, tenancy viewings, office administration etc.

Conditions of employment

A successful candidate will ideally have a Smart Phone with inbuilt camera and access to transport to work within the centre of Edinburgh – i.e. bike, bus or car.

Training will be provided.

A successful candidate will be smartly dressed, professional and will conduct themselves in a clear and polite manner.

Punctuality, discretion and trustworthiness are paramount.

£45 per unfurnished inventory

£60 per furnished inventory

Please contact the office on

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