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Chapmans were delighted to hear that the Scottish Government has listened to the concerns of Agents and Landlords and have reviewed the extended notice periods for asking Tenants to leave, that were brought in during the Covid-19 pandemic.

As of 31 March, it is the government’s intention that the notice periods for eviction will revert back to the original requirements in place prior to the pandemic. So this will revert back to the 28 or 84 day notice period instead of the 3, and largely 6, month notice periods.

Please note though that all eviction grounds remain discretionary so the tribunal will only issue an eviction order if it considers that it is reasonable to do so. As always at Chapmans, we always work with our Landlords and Tenants to find a mutually beneficial way of ending a tenancy so as to avoid unnecessary applications for eviction orders. We often found in reality when notice was given that Tenants very quickly found new homes and so never needed the 6 months notice as afforded under the temporary covid legislation.

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