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The article below made us smile and so did some of our experiences of kindness shown by our Landlords to their Tenants last year – truly celebrating the #inthistogether ethos of the nation during such challenging times. There were many moments of kindness – too many really to count but here is just a small snapshot:
🥰 We had one Landlord who unilaterally authorised us to give his tenants almost 20% rent reductions for 3 months running for all his 4 properties
🥰 Another Landlord put together a bespoke package for the whole year
🥰 Another traded rent for some professional photography work for a struggling student who couldn’t supplement his rent because he had no hospitality work
And there were many more!! What we found to be most heartfelt and positive, was that when rent reductions were given, they were genuine. The Tenants then didn’t have a massive backlog of arrears to attend with. As a result, we have no rent arrears at all and no unpleasant, distressing evictions at a time when really all we had to do – was pull together when the going got tough!

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