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Call to Action: Oppose Property Changes

At Chapmans we are always looking after our landlords’ and tenants’ interests and as such we are concerned that some landlords’ income will be at risk from the changes in the recent UK Government budget.

If you are a landlord, click here to access a spreadsheet calculator which you can use to model the likely impact on you.

If you are a tenant, you may also be interested in adding your voice to the debate as it is likely that rents may go up as an unintended consequence of these tax changes.

We would encourage you to take three actions:

1. Contact your UK Government (Westminster) MP about the mortgage interest relief change.  To find your local MP’s email address, enter your postcode into this website.

Click here for a template letter that you can use.

2. Give your views to HMRC about the 10% wear and tear allowance by 9 October.

Click here for a template document that you can use.

3. Please forward this email to any landlords and tenants you know, so they too can make their concerns known.

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